On Saturday, January 20, 2007, Bob and Cilla and Frost and Catherine and I went to Exeter for my father's 82nd birthday.
After my mother died in 1993, he went back for a visit (from Seattle) to Exeter and fell in love with Joyce, whom he married in 1996.
He's on the right, with Joyce, and I'm on the left, with Catherine and Cilla. Frost is poking out from behind.

The generations:
Mark (father of Catherine, father of Cilla, son of Rex, grandfather of Frost)
Catherine (daughter of Mark, sister of Cilla, granddaughter of Rex, aunt of Frost)
Cilla (daughter of Mark, sister of Catherine, granddaughter of Rex, mother of Frost)
Rex (father of Mark, grandfather of Catherine, grandfather of Cilla, greatgrandfather of Frost)
Frost (grandson of Mark, nephew of Catherine, son of Cilla, greatgrandson of Rex).
The picture was taken by Bob (husband of Cilla, father of Frost).

Greatgrandfather Rex with greatgrandson Frost,
while aunt/granddaughter Catherine giggles in the corner: