On Thursday, January 4, 2007, after signing up for mobile phone service with Orange,
Catherine and I went over to University College London, where she'll be taking classes,
in between the British Museum and Euston Square.

We strolled around the campus.
University College is famous for its cruciform building,
which looks like a cross from the air:

The front of the main building was ready for the international students:

After Catherine started her orientation, I walked a few blocks to the British Museum:

The museum is always free, and contains excellent toilets.
The rotunda is inspiring:

I then walked down Shaftesbury Street, past Spamalot and Les Miserables,
found an excellent exchange rate for cash ($2.00 per pound, after paying $2.12 in Heathrow;
debit card in machines gave us slightly better than official rate found on internet: $1.90).
I took the tube from Picadilly Circus to Ladbroke Grove and walked to Cilla/Bob/Frost's flat at 72 Golborne Rd.

Walking around London is in many ways like walking around Manhattan:
many languages, many sights, but the roads in London are less organized.
I still haven't figured out how to use the bus map.